Xu Xiaodan unexpectedly in public, unexpectedly put his hand in Huo yuanjia's arm, in that era, this action is enough. It's jaw-dropping. Today, Xu Xiaodan is dressed in a more special way, with a green belt and red flowers tied on her head, wearing a two-part red flower cloth skirt, showing a white waist. Meat It is covered with black tulle, and the skin of the whole body is hidden. The hall immediately set off a clamor, but because of the leader of the alliance Huo yuan Jia, just a small clamor, the order is not big. Chaos. Huo yuanjia slowly came to the chief seat and sat down, telling Xu Xiaodan to take his seat. Only then did Xu Xiaodan loosen his hand in Huo yuan-jia's arm and sit down with a smile on his face, but it happened that he was sitting in Mai Xiaoming. Next to. Mai Xiaoming hurriedly stood up and patted Yu Yile and said, "Where did such a coquettish spirit come from? Shall we change positions?" OK Regardless of whether the other party agreed or not, he pulled Yu Yile and changed his position. Huo yuanjia stood up again and said in a loud voice, "In order to add to the atmosphere of today's banquet, the leader of the alliance specially put Xu Xianzi." Please come and have fun with everyone. Xu Xianzi is a great drinker. If you are interested, please give her a toast later. She accepts all comers. As a result, most of the heroes were very happy. They were looking for a chance to get close to Xu Xiaodan, because the banquet had not yet started. He acted immediately. Huo yuanjia then announced the beginning of the banquet. First, those at the same table proposed a toast to Xu Xiaodan,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and Lingnan Erqi and Shanmaoyue all proposed a toast to Zhong. Yihao and Yu Yile also had to do as the Romans did. Only Mai Xiaoming simply ignored it. After three rounds of drinking, the heroes swarmed from the tables, competing to propose a toast to Xu Xiaodan, and some even took the opportunity to "steal oil." Xu Xiaodan always had a charming smile on his face, and as expected, all comers were welcome. There was a commotion in the hall for a long time before it stopped. When Huo yuanjia saw that all the heroes had returned to their seats, he suddenly said in a loud voice, "Fairy Xu has just said that in order to satisfy everyone's wine." Xing,ultrasonic spray nozzle, she is willing to perform on the spot! The hall immediately rang with cheers. Huo yuanjia continued: "Xu Xianzi's performance is very simple, but for everyone, it is an eye-opener." None of the heroes could figure out what Xu Xiaodan was going to perform, but all the eyes were projected together. But Xu Xiaodan stood up slowly and said, "I am the most convenient person. I know what you want to see. Now." Just show it to others. With these words, he raised his hand and pulled it on the corset, exposing his left breast. In order to be able to take care of all sides, she also specially turned her body in a circle and paused in each of the four directions in order to let each People in the direction can look carefully and distribute equally, and no one will suffer losses. Suddenly someone shouted, "There is still one side." Another person cries: "If she does not show that side to look to everybody, show that side has a problem! Show that side has a problem!" Xu Xiaodan didn't care, and he felt that if he didn't show the other side, the heroes would think that she was really out of order. In order to show sufficient capital, she did not hesitate to pull open the other side of the corset, revealing her right side of the "single jujube steamed bread.". Some of the heroes clapped their hands, and some turned their heads and could not bear to see them. At this moment, ultrasonic handheld welder ,ultrasonic molten metal, somebody cries again: "It is too far apart, Xu Fairy had better please shake before every table!" Who knows, Xu Xiaodan actually agreed to the request. He left his seat on the spot, twisted his waist and swung his buttocks in front of all the tables. "Treasure" activity. Every time she went to a table, she deliberately shook her chest, which made her breasts shake like a peddler's drum. At the moment, the order in the hall was even more chaotic, but it brought the atmosphere to its climax, and many people were crazy and ugly. Bi Xian. Many people can not help but reach out to touch, but Xu Xiaodan did not care, not only not annoyed, but laughed. Get more coquettish. After a while, Xu Xiaodan returned to his original seat. Huo yuanjia asked, "Have you all seen it clearly?" Suddenly many people answered, "Look clearly!" "Actually," said Huo yuanjia, "those two things of Xu Xianzi are no different from other women. Everyone here, that is, Make had not seen woman tit, also had suckled when one is young, it is nothing strange really. So what happened today is not a big surprise at all. Xiaoguai.
” One of the heroes shouted, "My subordinates used to look at women's breasts." Just look alone in the room with the door closed, like Xu Xianzi. "The appearance shows a bosom in public, who has not seen however, feel of course strange." Huo yuanjia said with a smile, "This is the relationship between the times. The times are evolving day by day, and people are different every day.". In a few hundred years, Xu Xianzi didn't care any more. "But Xu Xianzi can't live for hundreds of years." How do you know you can't? Since she is a fairy, she will never die. Just as the man was about to speak again, Huo yuanjia straightened his face and asked solemnly, "Who touched Xu Xian just now?" The breast of the child, had better stand out automatically! He even asked several times, but none of the heroes stood out, which showed that their faces were still thinner than Xu Xiaodan's. Huo yuanjia said quietly, "Whoever stands up means he is honest." Honest people are bound to get benefits. If you don't come forward, It is dishonest, and dishonest people will not only suffer losses. And even worse! "" One of the heroes immediately couldn't help asking, "Leader of the alliance, please make this clear to your subordinates!" Huo yuanjia said with a smile, "You should still remember the poisoning of the four people, including Poisonous Fire Chengquan, by touching Fairy Xu that night." Right? ' Those who have touched Xu Xiaodan.. Hearing this, his face changed greatly. One of them said, "Leader of the alliance, is it possible that his subordinates have also been hit?" Poison? "Not bad," said Huo yuanjia! It's good that you understand. "Leader of the alliance, you shouldn't have done this!" Cried the man in a trembling voice. Huo yuanjia snorted, "Why shouldn't I?" The man said, "The four of them are against us. It's natural for them to be poisoned.". But your subordinates are yours. A confidant,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, you shouldn't have poisoned your own people! Huo yuanjia's face sank and he said, "I'll let Fairy Xu show himself to all the tables." It's just for you to see. It doesn't say so. Touch, you are too presumptuous. Who else can you blame? 。 fycgsonic.com

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