Looking at his girlish appearance, Lin Yuliang shivered for a moment, thinking of his long-term change of behavior with a mask, or secretly paying attention to it, and found that he was just a nymphomaniac to Wang Ye, many things still did not do, although relieved, or left a little more thought on him. Wen Yunhe said to Yi Heng, "Why do I think Wang Ye is more handsome than you?" Yi Heng:.. He took one look at Wang Ye, who was making Wen Fei laugh, and touched his face silently. Speaking of it, he was the first leading actor. He also has his own pride, how can he lose to a tomboy! But looking at Wang Ye, who is as brilliant as Prince Charming. Yi Heng:.. Get out of the way, I'm going to start acting! As a professional actor, Yi Heng will never allow Wang Ye, a half-way singer, to press on his head, which is his pride! He is also one of the best actors in the Emperor Film,horse weight tape, aiming at Mo Ge! He looked at Wen Yunhe coldly. "You'd better be funny." Funny actor Wen Yunhe:.. In fact, I also have a handsome plot! Lin Yuliang was pleasantly surprised to find. Yi Heng and Wang Ye have good acting skills. Although Wang Ye is a girl, he has been rolling outside since he was a child, and the handsome combination of hardness and softness is particularly easy to stir people's minds. And Yi Heng is the standard prince appearance, handsome, handsome, silent,Wheel tape measure, arrogant-or, since the XX garden, this kind of single-minded and then slowly mature in the second teenager, are very good. Things are going in a good direction. And the performance of several actors is better than Lin Yuliang imagined. She thought it would take longer. But looking at the people who are racing against time to read the script even in their own rest time, they are all young people who are full of vigor and vitality. They absolutely do not allow themselves to lose to others. They all try to do twelve things. And this period of time, Wang Xiuhua is also busy flying. She made a trip to Eagle Country and brought Enoch back from the City of Angels. Enoch-chose to leave the game production team because of a disagreement with his partner. In a previous life, Enoch founded a company that created the popular competitive game, Fist. And the mobile game developed according to the fist-pesticide. Fist and pesticide have created a miracle in the history of the game. And Wang Xiuhua brought Enoch back. In addition to Enoch, there is a game group of Enoch, busy arranging the game group and their game codenamed [L]. Immortal magic way a month of running water has been quite amazing, after knowing that Wang Xiuhua is the head of the salted fish studio, Enoch is very straightforward, after a discussion between the two sides, Pi tape measure ,Fish measuring board, Wang Xiuhua used numerous means, and finally persuaded Enoch. Lin Yuliang: Sure enough, Lao Wang is awesome. I finally got this golden hen. Enoch doesn't lay golden eggs, he lays diamond eggs! In the future, if you hold your fists and pesticides in your hands, you can make money as much as you want. Delightful. She gave the matter to Wang Xiuhua to deal with, and continued to concentrate on shooting her fans. Although I have done a lot of work, I have really experienced the field. *** . After work Only then did I feel that I still had a lot to learn. Grow up together. She looked at the young girls who were already very skilled inside, and a faint smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. In November, Lin Yuliang's birthday arrived. Fang Yun received a lot of gifts mailed to the studio, everything, whether made or bought, expensive and cheap, but also received numerous bouquets. Guan Qinglan and Lin Jinyu flew to Yanjing specially to give Lin Yuliang a meal, and gave her a few cards: "This is from your uncle, this is from your uncle, this is from me." “……” Lin Yuliang looked at the bank card in front of him, "Mom, this is too much, and my money is enough." Guan Qinglan touched her head. "There is a lot of money burning in the entertainment circle. If you bring more, you can make up your own mind. Besides, if it weren't for you, we wouldn't have made so much." Now the real estate can be said to be changing fast, fortunately, they entered the market in time to catch up with this wave.
In a short period of time, assets have soared to a level that ordinary people dare not imagine. Besides, it's an investment. Guan Qinglan patted her daughter on the head. "If I don't invest in my daughter, who else will I invest in?"? Yuyu, you are awesome. Lin Yuliang was praised by her until her cheeks were slightly red. "There is so much, but it's just good luck." Even so, Guan Qinglan scalded a piece of her favorite beef and put it on a small plate beside her. "There are many lucky ones, but not many caught." Two mother and daughter talked together for a long time, originally Guan Qinglan also wanted to say a little more, or Lin Jinyu said that Lin Yuliang still has work tomorrow, today or early rest, eight o'clock to catch Lin Yuliang to sleep. Lin Yuliang:.. I always feel that Dad dislikes me. What about the third wheel. But after returning to the room, Lin Yuliang held his cheeks and thought, "I'm 20 years old, too.". I don't remember much about how she spent her 20th birthday in a previous life. I only remember that I was ignorant at that time, and everything was blurred, like a walking corpse. This life. With a smile on her lips, she looked at the big cake specially made for her. It was also a fruit cake specially made by Fang Yun, which was filled with strawberries,Horse weight lbs, mangoes, cherries and various fruits. Uh She took out her mobile phone and took in the huge fruit cake. A red envelope has been distributed. Come and get it! Chapter 200 Black Box. [Jingwei]: Cake! Fruitcake! What a big fruit cake! Clever.jpg Long Jiu:!!! Delicious Cute.jpg There is no doubt about the attraction of cakes to young girls. Even if the legal girls are a little older, they are still girls after all.

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