"It's not just heavy, it's very intimidating.". You have been to the hanging coffin of the Di people, and you should know the four ghosts maze array set up in the tomb of Lady Wang. Huo Zihao said. When I heard Huo Zihao mention the Four Ghosts Enchanted Array, I couldn't help feeling a little nervous. Recalling the scene of the four coffins we saw in Furong Mountain more than 20 days ago, I was really panicked. The mummies in the four coffins just circled around us a few times, and we fainted to the ground and almost died in the cave under the nine-storey cliff. As I was lost in thought, I did not answer Huo Zihao's words, only to hear Huo Zihao continue to say: "Martial Uncle Chen Daohe once gathered seven of his disciples to have a special discussion and explanation with me about the grave robbery experience of the hanging coffin.". He said that the four-ghost maze array was very similar to the long-lost octagonal array, except that the number of coffins was reduced by half. Martial Uncle believed that there were fewer people in the clan, and when the king was buried, in order to preserve the existing population, the number of people deployed was reduced, so the octagon became a quadrangle. "Is there a way to crack it?" I asked. With a deep sigh, Huo Zihao said, "In the past, there was no way to crack it.". But because of the four ghosts maze array, Martial Uncle consulted the classics, not only found the octagonal array, but also found the corresponding cracking method, therefore,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, there is a cracking method. But the octagonal array needs one person to defend two positions, at least four people to crack, if there is a weak or female, but also need to increase the number of people, so we can not break the array at present, but also to find them, we can work together to crack. "What can I do?" Shushan asked. I don't know what to do. I think what we need to do now is not to crack the octagonal array, but to find your uncle. Now their life and death is uncertain,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, let alone with the strength of the three of us, we can not crack the octagonal array, even if we break the octagonal array, what is the use! Huo Zihao said. Hearing what Huo Zihao said, I found that I seemed to have lost my mind like Shu Shan, thinking only about breaking the array and getting the treasure, completely forgetting the safety of the fourth uncle, the cannon and others. Just as we were planning to open the tomb doors one by one, we heard a rattling sound at the end of the tomb passage. With our rich experience, this is the sound of a tomb door opening. Not knowing what the sign was, Shu Shan and Huo Zihao set up their submachine guns and waited for the tomb door to open. Sure enough, just a few seconds later, at the end of the tomb passage, a bright light flashed on the horizon of the uneven black gable wall. Accompanied by the continuous sound, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, the light slowly increased, and a stone gate about two meters wide was lifted from bottom to top. The three of us did not expect that there was a tomb door here. All along, we thought that this was the end of the tomb passage. Who would have thought that this would be opened. After the door of the tomb was lifted, it was directly illuminated by the strong light from the opposite side, and we could not see the situation on the opposite side. But the man behind the tomb door obviously saw us, and the man stood behind the tomb door for a moment and did not move for a long time. I wanted to ask who was coming, but Shu Shan was impatient and asked, "Is it Martial Uncle?" Shu Shan asked the first time, the man did not answer, asked the second time, the man gave a dry cough, we know that this person is actually the village head. Shu Shan and Huo Zihao put down their guns and asked him if he knew where the cannon and others had gone. The village chief did not speak for a long time, and it was a long time before he said, "The cannons have gone up." "Which one is above?" Shushan said strangely. Alas, you don't know that there is also a tomb passage at the back door of the tomb door, but this tomb passage leads to the ground. Brother Cannon is right. The door we just entered is the back door of the tomb, and the tomb we just found by accident is the main door. The village chief exulted. Seeing that he was happy, I asked him where the rope hanging under the tomb where the bamboo raft was placed had gone. When the village chief saw me asking about the rope, the smile on his face suddenly disappeared, and then he made the expression of recalling. After a long time, he said: "After Shu Shan and Huo Zihao went down, Wu Zheng slowly woke up. Cannon said he wanted to continue to look at other tombs, and Yan Yuwei and I guarded the rope.".
Yan Yuwei agreed when he saw that the cannon had been arranged properly. After that, Yan Yuwei and I stayed, and the rest went out. After a few minutes, Yan Yuwei was called out by the cannon, and after a few minutes, I was also called out, and then we found the main entrance now. At that time, the cannon thought it was the entrance to other tombs, so we followed it, but after walking for a while, we found that it was the entrance to the tomb. So we went back to the tomb where we were just now, but when we came back, we found that the rope in the tomb was missing. At first we thought you had come up and taken the rope away, but we couldn't find you anywhere. So we went on up until we got out of the cave. Outside the cave, they saw that it was almost dawn, and they were afraid that their whereabouts would be discovered by others and be reported to the police, so they sent me in to look for you again. Now, I finally found you, let's go quickly! The village chief's face burst into a warm smile again. Listening to the village chief, it seemed that they had found the exit, just because there was no valuable treasure here, and the day was about to break, so they had to withdraw as soon as possible. But how does that explain the disappearing rope? Is it because we met a ghost again? "Go quickly, it will be too late at dawn." The village chief urged us to say. We could see the moon just now. Why is it dawn now? Shushan asked curiously. Today is the twentieth day of the seventh lunar month. The moon comes out at about nine o'clock in the evening and sets at about nine o'clock in the morning. So as long as it is not bright,304 Stainless Steel Bar, we can see the moon. The village chief explained. Is it sunny outside? Shushan asked. No "If not, how do you know it's almost dawn?" Shushan asked with some unreasonableness. I couldn't stand Shushan's ignorant question and said, "I have a watch!" 。

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