Customized HUB and Adapter  Product Description
Model: S102-C2C
Product Name: USB-C to Dual USB-C Socket
Function: charging, digital audio, voice call, video call, sound card
1. Multiple functional designs, support 3.5mm/type-c listening song charging/OTG transmission.
2. HIFI dual-chip, no current noise when listening to songs, independent dual-chip, HIFI high-fidelity sound quality transmission, intelligent upgrade does not interfere with shielding current sound charging, stable sound quality.
3.C to 3.5mm sound card adapter with TPE cable body, durable and not broken, high-strength fiber technology solid line interface refuses to break.
4. High-purity tin-plated copper, safe and fast charging, stable charging to protect the battery.
5. Plug and play, multi-system compatible, plug in and connect to the phone immediately, never wait.
6. It is more convenient to use while charging, fast charging will not hurt the machine, charging and listening to songs are correct, solving the embarrassment of the single hole of Type-c mobile phone.
7. Lightweight and mini, easy to carry, pockets, bags, easy to carry.
8. Fully compatible with devices, C to 3.5mm sound card adapter supports many mobile phones and tablet computers with only one TYPE-C interface, realizing the effect of listening to songs while charging.Customized HUB and Adapter

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